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EIKI Projector Lens Calculator

Please use the information below to determine the best lens for your application. Once you have specified your criteria, please click "Calculate" to continue.

Projector:   EK-307W   (Select a different projector)
Aspect Ratio:   16:10
About Aspect Ratios About using different aspect ratios

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Calculations are from the front glass of the lens and generally have a margin of error of approximately +/- 3.5%. This calculator is intended only as a guide to selecting a lens or positioning a projector. There are no claims of accuracy or warranties of use. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Lens Limitations - This tool performs a simple calculation for each lens. Some lenses may not achieve the minimum or maximum image size listed for this projector, despite the fact that the calculator returns a value. Please note and apply any Limitations which display directly below the calculations for any lens.

Lens Shift - This tool does not address relative spatial positioning: lens shift. Not all lenses are capable of the maximum lens shift listed for a projector.

For additional information or clarification please consult the Lens Chart for the projector in question, available from the "Resources" menu on each projector page, or by searching for your model number above.